We Are Global Network Point.

Our aim is to provide high-speed internet that is easily accessible and readily available at your fingertips, without any inconvenience or complication. We are creating solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Wireless connectivity

Uses no cable to connect to the internet.

DSL option

It's faster than dial-up.


The fastest and most reliable option available.

About Our Plans

At Global Network Point, we're committed to providing personalized connectivity plans that meet the unique needs of the clients. We understand that every customer is different, with their own set of requirements, preferences, and budget constraints. That's why we're planning to offer a diverse array of options to choose from.

Our goal is to empower our customers to make informed decisions that align with their specific preferences and circumstances. We believe that by providing flexible and customizable connectivity plans, we can ensure that our clients have access to the internet that best meets their needs and we can't wait to bring all of these into the market.

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